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Starting to invest

Do you also want to start investing, but are afraid of not having enough knowledge, losing money or not knowing where to start in the first place? Start gaining knowledge at Elfin. Create a free profile, fill out some questions and get a personal to-do list to discover more about investing in little time, without complicated language.

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What is investing?

Investing is popular, but what is investing? An investment is a form of investment in which money is committed for a longer or shorter period of time for the purpose of future financial gain. Investing can be done in several ways. You can invest in the stock market, in stocks, bonds or ETFs. You can also invest in real estate. Or in cryptos. Or in gold. It’s about diverting your money to something, assuming that your money is going to be worth more.

How do you start investing?

But how do you start investing? And where do you start? If you’ve already looked into investing a bit, surfed around the Internet a bit, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. And that’s not crazy either! The Internet is full of information about investing. From crypto influencers cheering you on to take a lot of risk, too, to male investment clubs where you’ll drop out because of all the jargon. The best way to get started in investing is to gain reliable knowledge here at Elfin, make a solid plan for yourself – possibly with help from the Elfin advisors – and start with a small amount to get used to it. You’ll find the basic knowledge you need in Elfin’s Beginning to Invest e-course. Scroll through quickly for more information.

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Curious about the content of the e-courses where we help Elfin women learn all the must needs about investing using reliable information?


Starting to invest

Do you want to know how to start investing? Are you curious about how to get in with small amounts and want to know what all those terms mean?


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