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About Elfin

We are Puck and Lieke, founders of Elfin: the largest platform for women about money in the Benelux. When we met each other in 2020, we quickly discovered that we share the same mission: to help women become financially independent. We are convinced that the world becomes a better place when women have more money, and therefore more options, opportunities, and choices. Did you know that women are twice as willing as men to invest their money in sustainable projects and initiatives for good?

It is 2023, but women are still coming up short when it comes to money. We earn less, build less pension, and have less wealth. However, we do live on average six years longer than men (and therefore need money to live longer) and 40% of couples break up, with women losing an average of 25% of their purchasing power.

This needs to change! And we both know that actively working on your financial independence is not difficult, scary, or complicated at all. Moreover, it gives you a tremendous amount of confidence as a woman to know: I can always rely on myself.

Who are we?

About Puck

My name is Puck Landewé, I am 35 years old and I live partly with my fiancé Matt in Switzerland and partly in the Netherlands. In 2019, I decided to document my journey into the world of investing to share with other women. I couldn’t find a platform like Elfin anywhere: a place where you can come together with other women, ask all your money questions in a safe environment, and build a financial network. “I’m going to build this myself” was quickly the conclusion.

In 2020, I met Lieke and I immediately felt that we had a connection to further develop Elfin together.

I have been investing since 2018, and I am a risk-averse investor: I prefer ETFs and funds. I invest for the future. As an entrepreneur, it is even more important for me to take care of my own retirement. I also invest in real estate, which provides me with a passive income every month. With a very small portion of my money, I am willing to take more risks, such as in cryptocurrencies and angel investing.

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About Lieke

I am Lieke Danenberg, 38 years old, and I live in a village just north of Alkmaar. I am married to Wieger and have a son and a daughter, Jurre and Ella.

Entrepreneurship runs in my blood, and at Elfin, I can not only be an entrepreneur but also contribute to a better world by helping women create a better life for themselves.

I have a very nice financial plan that incorporates all my dreams and goals. To make that plan come true, I have clear savings goals, and every month I invest automatically to finance, among other things, my children’s education in a few years.

90% of my investments are as risk-free as possible, but occasionally, I like to take some risks and invest my money in, for example, risky cryptocurrencies or start-ups.

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How do we make money?

We believe it is important to be transparent about our revenue model. The financial world is not always independent, and financial influencers and companies often prioritize their own profit over yours.

At Elfin, we earn money when women become members or take individual e-courses, such as those about investing. We also collaborate with partners and receive payment for the content we create and the lectures and workshops we provide for companies and events.

We are independent and will never pressure you to purchase a specific financial product. We show you the possibilities and provide information so that you can make informed decisions. Our motto is: “It doesn’t matter where you start investing or insuring, as long as you choose a company where you feel comfortable.



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“1 million women financially independent” is the mission of Elfin. Because only with financial backup can women live on their own terms.

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