Vacancy Growth Marketer (ENG)

Up for a challenge?

Close your eyes and imagine this: “we live in a world where women are financially equal to men.” What would the world look like? If women are able to build wealth, support causes they are passionate about and live their desired life? Use all their amazing talents and skills for good? 

We think this idea is worth fighting for! It is 2022 and still women have less money than men. Less salary, less pension and less wealth. This is ridiculous! So we decided to quit jobs, sell houses and sell companies to dedicate all our time, money and focus on changing women’s lives. We are looking for a growth marketer who is just as passionate about changing the status quo as we are. 

About this role

To be honest, we don’t know what you are going to do. That’s up to you. Yes, that’s right: you create this role. What we have in mind is a smart, experienced marketer who loves to make a difference. An entrepreneurial, ambitious person (you are fully responsible for reaching your targets) who helps us reach as many women as possible and convert them into our product.

We strongly believe in full ownership of your responsibilities. Please enlighten us and show us the way to do performance and growth marketing for a fintech start-up. 

Yes, that’s also something to consider before we hop on a call: we are a start-up. That means working with us is not for the fainthearted. Everyday is different: targets change, investors are chasing us, results might fall behind, new teamies will join regularly, our Instagram account will be hacked, passwords will get lost, competitors will enter the market, the economy will face hard times, and so on. 

It means working hard, a lot of flexibility, some occasional sweat drops, late night hours and tough conversions. But it also means: it’s all in your hands. You work closely together with the founding team and you have the freedom to do performance and growth marketing in a way you envision. We won’t tell you to run Google Ads if you strongly believe in launching a new magazine to reach women. You get the point. 

Working with us

In short, working with us will be fun. And a big adventure! We are developing the first fintech product in the Benelux that helps women take action for their financial future. Nobody has done what we are creating, and that means that we need to work closely together, answer a lot of unanswered questions and stand strong as a team. We believe in the growth hacking way of building a business, where we constantly test and validate before we move forward.


ELFIN is a fintech start-up where we help women become financially independent. Our mission is to help at least 1 million women create their ideal lives by getting smart with money and building wealth. To reach these women, we are looking for a mission driven, enthusiastic growth and performance marketer. Are you ready to change the world and make a difference?

Let’s connect

Are you the talent who will help us realize our ambitious but important mission? Please contact us via and tell us why we should meet asap.

The foundation of our team




We offer:

Freedom and responsibility

It's up to you how to reach your goals and do the job. You are owner of your expertise and targets.

Hybrid working

Flexible working hours, from where you want and as much holiday as you need.

Take your time

We trust you to take time off and rest when you need it, hence we don't work with a fixed holiday plan.

Employee Incentive Plan

You will financially benefit from the success you create with an equity plan.


Access to our network with inspiring events and people.


A chance to change the world and make a significant impact on women’s lives.

Ben jij het talent dat ons komt helpen onze ambitieuze maar belangrijke missie te realiseren? Neem contact op met Lieke en Puck via en vertel ons waarom we elkaar heel snel moeten spreken