Do you want to make an impact and help 1 million women?

Close your eyes and picture this: "we live in a world where women are financially equal to men"

What would the world be like then? If women were able to build wealth, support causes they are passionate about and use talents to their full potential?

We believe this wish is worth fighting for! It’s 2022 and still women have less money than men. Less salary, less pension and less assets. This is ridiculous! So we have decided to quit our jobs, sell our homes and sell our businesses to dedicate all our time, money and focus to improving women’s lives.

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We offer you:

Lots of freedom and responsibility

How would you like to set up your position and what are you doing to grow ELFIN? It's up to you!

Work wherever you want

With your team you coordinate how and where you work offline and online.

Take the leisure time you need

We rely on you to take time off when you need it, so we don't write vacation days.

Employee Stock Options

If ELFIN does well, it will benefit you too!

Access to a valuable network

Go to inspiring events and meet people who motivate you and help you move forward.

Do something good for someone else

You get 5 ELFIN memberships to give away.

The ELFIN manifesto shows how we want to build a work environment in which you can develop.

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