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It is 2022 but the financial situation for women is still dismal:

  • For every €1 a man has, a woman has only €0.32;
  • Women earn 38% less salary;
  • Women build up 40% less pension;
  • After a break-up, a woman loses 25% purchasing power on average, and a man only 0.02%;
  • 40% of couples break up and women live about 6 years longer.

That we need to start owing our long-term finances is a fact. Unfortunately, too few women are taking action due to a lack of knowledge and not being able to connect with financial institutions.

This is why we founded ELFIN. Our mission is to help women become financially independent. We do this by giving them a network and offering a membership where we provide the right information, partners and network based on their financial lifecycle. More than 5400+ women are connected to ELFIN.

ELFIN focuses on personal finance, from investing, mortgages to legal issues. We offer women a safe and reliable environment. We are the independent guide in a woman’s financial journey.


ELFIN is founded in 2021 by Puck Landewé and Lieke Danenberg, together with a team of experts who ensure that many women are reached and inspired to actively take charge of their financial future. We are a Dutch company on our way to not only help Dutch women, but also women outside of The Netherlands.

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